La Coruna Hotels

Posted on behalf of Mel

Hi Everyone

We have identified a hotel that will take us all for a reasonable price.  This is the Melia Tryp Hotel, which is centrally located near to the train station, 4 star and has good facilities:

The rates per night are:

  • £58 per person Single incl. breakfast
  • £33 per person in Twin/Double incl. breakfast

The same rates apply for all pre and post nights for those wanting additional days (Inga/Sue/Irene.)

There are buses close by the hotel that go to the old town/beach, and also to the Conservatory where we are rehearsing, and taxis are apparently reasonable.  It is by the big El Corte Ingles department store, with bars and shops in the area.


We were also offered rooms at the Melia Maria Pita Hotel La Coruna, which is on the beach, but at £85 single per night, I thought this too expensive for the group (Scott, the Riazor Hotel is closed for refurbishment).


On Sunday, we have a concert in Santiago, in Teatro Principal ( which will end c 9-9.30pm.  The local choir will support us with transport between La Coruna and Santiago, but it’s possible that you might want to make your own arrangements to stay in Santiago on Sunday night.  If so, please let me know.


  1. a) Confirm that you’d like to stay in the Melia Tryp Hotel in La Coruna with the group
  2. b) Confirm that you’d like all three nights in La Coruna (Fri-Mon), or just Fri-Sat.


Many thanks



Mendelssohn Ps 42 Score

Posted on behalf of Inga

Dear EVers,
I hope you’ve had a good weekend.
While we’re currently all bathing in “chocolate” harmonies it won’t be long until the summer concert which will feature Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (we’ll be singing the last movement), Mendelssohn’s Psalm 42 (“Wie der Hirsch schreit”) and Mendelssohn’s “Hebrides” (overture) (orchestra only).
I’ll shortly order the Beethoven score for everyone currently in the choir so there is no need to buy scores individually and we’ll be sure to all use the same edition.
Regarding the Mendelssohn many of us have sung this piece already and therefore should have a score. For those who don’t yet own a score I’ll order one.
Could you therefore please let me know by midnight on Sunday, 11th February 2018 if you’d like me to order a score for you?
Last time we’ve sung this we’ve used the choral score (Carus Verlag, CV 40.072/05) which doesn’t show the orchestral part (choir part only). If you’d prefer to see what the orchestra does so it’s easier for you to follow I can order a vocal score for you which will have the choir part as well as the orchestral part. Please indicate what you’d prefer in your email. Please note that once you’ve told me that you’d like me to buy a score for you you’re committed to buy it off me.
Current prices are as follows:
Choral score: £3.40
Vocal score: £6..25
If you’ve got any question please don’t hesitate to mail me or speak to me during rehearsal.
Many thanks for your cooperation!
EV Librarian


Spring Schedule

posted on behalf of Mel

A reminder of this term’s schedule is below.  Note first rehearsal is on the 18th.  Hotly followed by our Awayday on Saturday 20th

8th Mon 5.30 – 9.30 Voice Tutorials
Scott’s house
Individuals time slots
15th Mon
18th Thu 7.00 Chamber choir

7.45 Tea
8.00 Full choir

Christ Church Rehearsal   1
20th Sat 10 am– 4 pm TBC Awayday
(rehearsals  2 & 3 equivalent)
25th Thu 7.00 Chamber choir

7.45 Tea
8.00 Full choir

Christ Church Rehearsal   4
1st Thu 7.00 Chamber choir

7.45 Tea
8.00 Full choir

Christ Church Rehearsal  5
8th Thu Christ Church Rehearsal  6
15th Thu Christ Church Rehearsal  7
22nd Thu Christ Church Rehearsal  8
26th Mon Christ Church Rehearsal  9
1st Thu 7.00 All Christ Church Rehearsal  10, with Ensemble
3rd Sat 3.30 Rehearsal

7.30 Concert

St Paul’s Church
Covent Garden
Spring Concert

Next Concert – Puerling

posted on behalf of Scott. Files are under resources – scores, words in the main menu.

Hi EVers,

Happy New Year to all!  It’s time to get stuck into some lovely close-harmony jazz for our next concert, which will be a collaboration with the Guildhall Jazz Singers and Band.  We’ll field both the whole of EV and a chamber choir for a few hearty souls who would like to learn a bit more and sing in a smaller group as well.  If you would like to sing in the chamber choir, please let me know at your tutorial or by email.
This project is quite different from our recent ones in that we’ll work on a relatively small amount of material in great detail, and a few pieces will be sung from memory.  This music is so satisfying when we can work slowly, concentrating on developing a beautiful sound, tuning the lovely harmonies, and phrasing together.  Having the Guildhall singers with us allows us to do less music to a deeper level than we could manage in a programme like this on our own, and they are a really fun and inspiring group to work with.  They will sing their own pieces and also join with us on several: On a Clear Day, Moon River, the Look of Love and Blues It.
Repertoire for EV:
Gene Puerling arrangements:
  • On a Clear Day   (sung from memory)
  • Try to Remember
  • Button Up Your Overcoat
  • The Shadow of Your Smile
my arrangements:
  • Moon River (sung from memory)
  • Spain (chamber choir sing soli section)
  • Blues It (learned by ear)
Additional repertoire for chamber choir:
Gene Puerling:
  • Dancing in the Dark
  • Emily (I hope!)
my arrangement:
  • The Look of Love (sung from memory)
All of the Gene Puerling pieces are available on youtube, brilliantly sung by the Singers Unlimited.  These are great practice aids once you’ve worked out your notes.
Please print your own scores for this programme, and put them into a black binder.  I will send them in a series of emails tonight and tomorrow.
This should be a(nother!) really fun one. [See resources – scores, words in menu]

Final push for tickets

posted on behalf of Liz

Dear wonderful EV singers,
It’s Wednesday night, so we’re on the 3-2-1 countdown now….  Saturday night is going to be absolutely spectacular, with a wonderful orchestra, four amazing vocal soloists (Jenni Harper, Clara Kanter, Robin Bailey and Cheyney Kent) and the most fabulous music!
Traditionally, we sell out our Christmas concerts, which are always beautifully successful, sending our audience home on a cloud of Christmas bliss.  The location, the friendship, the gorgeous singers (us), the wine (may increase gorgeousness of singers)…  it’s a perfect package for our friends and family.
As of today we’ve sold just over 80 tickets online, out of a full-house total of 250.
Please, please, please, pretty dancing glitter-strewn please, can everyone make a last push with promotion, maybe with the aim that we bring another 3 friends along each?  It will absolutely be worth their while, so let’s try to catch the floating voters who’ve left their options open but find in the end that yet another office-related do or night at home with the telly* is nowhere near as enticing as soul-stirring Bach, delivered with a warming glass of wine, and the magical lights of Covent Garden.
Flyer attached, and here’s some text you could cut and paste to your emails, in case it helps!
Bach wrote his Christmas Oratorio as 6 separate cantatas originally designed to be performed on different festive days in the 1734-1735 Christmas season.  Eclectic Voices‘ director Scott Stroman has thoughtfully abridged the original version so that it can fit into one evening’s glorious entertainment (at 2 hours’ length rather than 3!), whilst retaining the whole of the narrative. 
The ‘story’ will be sung in English, whilst all of the stunning arias and moving chorales will be sung in the original German, for a respectful but perfectly accessible performance. The Oratorio contains some of Bach’s very best and most detailed music, and to perform it, Eclectic Voices are teaming up with specialists the City Bach Collective, plus four professional vocal soloists. 
Go for gold, EV-ryone!
E x
*NB Strictly is available on catch-up…**
**speaking of which, SS and CF (but who can this be??), I’ve seen you on TV!!

Bach Concert Plan

On behalf of Scott

EV Bach Christmas Oratorio plan for programme and sitting/standing 16-12-2017

All arias, chorales and choruses sung in German except as noted

All Evangelist recitatives sung in English, all other recitatives in German except as noted*

Bärenreiter edition used both for German and English.

Cantata 1 – complete

Cantata 2

omit 10 sinfonia,

omit 14 bass recit

omit 18 bass recit

omit 19 alto aria

Cantata 3 

omit 31 alto aria


Cantata 4 – omit entirely

Cantata 5 – complete

*No. 45 chorus in English, alto recit in German

Cantata 6

*No 55 tenor recit and bass recit (Herod) both sung in English

omit 61 recit

No 62 shortened: use only bar 104 to the end. Associated text is the first sentence only, finishing “bei mir”.


Choir Choreography

Sit after 1

stand after 4

sit after 5

stand after 8

sit after 12

stand after 15

ripieno sit after 17 (CC remain standing)

ripieno stand after 21

all sit after 28

stand after 29

interval after 24 reprise

sit after 46

stand after 51

sit after 54

stand after 57

sit after 59

stand after 62

Rehearsal Monday – Scott’s notes and a recording

Posted on behalf of Scott

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the continued great work on the Christmas Oratorio.  What a pleasure it is for me to learn this music with you.
Let’s really get to the meat of it now, concentrating on listening to and fitting together with the other parts, phrasing and dynamics; i.e. on Monday let’s get past the notes and glory in the music.  Importantly, to allow the choruses to dance, let’s get them up to speed; with the terrific players we’ll be working with, our performance will be as good as this:
Chorus 1, “Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf preiset die Tage” (attached)
Chorus 43, “Ehre sei dir Gott” (attached)
For Monday, please review these choruses so that we can work on them at these speeds.
We will then spend considerable time putting together Chorus 54, “Herr, wenn die stolzen Feinde schauben.  We have done some work on this already and I would like you to arrive with your notes learned.  We’ll start moderately so that we can experience al the inner parts and then bring it up to speed.
With excellent preparation and the quality of orchestra and soloists that we’re working with, I expect a thrilling performance.  Make sure we share it with as many people as possible.
(please see Scott’s email for the recordings)

Rehearsal at AIC on Monday

Posted on behalf of Liz


Dear all,
Hope you’re enjoying these wonderful recordings!
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow’s rehearsal is at the American International Church (79a Tottenham Court Road, W1T 4TD – just by Goodge Street tube station).  Timings as usual, in that the chamber choir will rehearse at 7pm, and then everyone else should get there for tea and chat at 7:45pm.  Yes, there will be tea! If you haven’t been there before, the entrance is up a ramp to the side of the church, and there’s a buzzer for entry – just say you’re with EV.
On Thursday we’re all starting at 7:30 – there will be no separate chamber choir rehearsal. Back in Christ Church. Tea at 8:45, as of old.
Next week we’ve just got the Thursday rehearsal, and that’s the last one before the concert on Saturday 16th! I hope that you’ve managed to entice lots of friends and family now… we’ve sold 36 tickets so far, and we need to sell out (280!) in order not only to cover costs but also to have a traditionally full and enthusiastically festive audience for our gorgeous Christmas concert!  Please spread the word, and the joy!  There is a Facebook event here:  Bach Christmas Oratorio. (Thanks, Judy!)
Also attached is a press release which you could send out to any contacts you may have. It is a draft, but should serve, I think…. Please let me and also (more importantly) Kristina and Judy know if you do share it with press contacts.
Don’t forget that the City Bach Collective are specialists, and therefore our orchestra for this concert should be a serious draw (as well as ourselves, naturally!!) – and we have some gorgeous soloists. It will be beautiful, and just Beyond Christmassy, what with all the lights of Covent Garden.  A perfect way for people to wrap up a day of shopping!
See you tomorrow.
And Chamber Choir – a reminder (so it’s all in one place) about Chorus 45, which Scott would like us to sing, and in English – it’s the first thing we’ll do tomorrow, at 7pm.

BACH – Christmas Oratorio rehearsals and concert

Chamber choir rehearses at 7pm ( a couple of choruses)
Break and tea 7:45 (important biscuit action)
Main choir 8:00 (all chorales)

Pub – the Highbury Tavern – at 10:00 for whoever wants to go.

16th December 2017 at St Paul’s Covent Garden
(rehearsal from 3:30, doors 6:30, concert 7:30, finish 10:00)
“Blingy black” clothes (see relevant page on this site), no black folders

[this will be added to… stay tuned!]