Rehearsal Monday – Scott’s notes and a recording

Posted on behalf of Scott

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the continued great work on the Christmas Oratorio.  What a pleasure it is for me to learn this music with you.
Let’s really get to the meat of it now, concentrating on listening to and fitting together with the other parts, phrasing and dynamics; i.e. on Monday let’s get past the notes and glory in the music.  Importantly, to allow the choruses to dance, let’s get them up to speed; with the terrific players we’ll be working with, our performance will be as good as this:
Chorus 1, “Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf preiset die Tage” (attached)
Chorus 43, “Ehre sei dir Gott” (attached)
For Monday, please review these choruses so that we can work on them at these speeds.
We will then spend considerable time putting together Chorus 54, “Herr, wenn die stolzen Feinde schauben.  We have done some work on this already and I would like you to arrive with your notes learned.  We’ll start moderately so that we can experience al the inner parts and then bring it up to speed.
With excellent preparation and the quality of orchestra and soloists that we’re working with, I expect a thrilling performance.  Make sure we share it with as many people as possible.
(please see Scott’s email for the recordings)

Rehearsal at AIC on Monday

Posted on behalf of Liz


Dear all,
Hope you’re enjoying these wonderful recordings!
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow’s rehearsal is at the American International Church (79a Tottenham Court Road, W1T 4TD – just by Goodge Street tube station).  Timings as usual, in that the chamber choir will rehearse at 7pm, and then everyone else should get there for tea and chat at 7:45pm.  Yes, there will be tea! If you haven’t been there before, the entrance is up a ramp to the side of the church, and there’s a buzzer for entry – just say you’re with EV.
On Thursday we’re all starting at 7:30 – there will be no separate chamber choir rehearsal. Back in Christ Church. Tea at 8:45, as of old.
Next week we’ve just got the Thursday rehearsal, and that’s the last one before the concert on Saturday 16th! I hope that you’ve managed to entice lots of friends and family now… we’ve sold 36 tickets so far, and we need to sell out (280!) in order not only to cover costs but also to have a traditionally full and enthusiastically festive audience for our gorgeous Christmas concert!  Please spread the word, and the joy!  There is a Facebook event here:  Bach Christmas Oratorio. (Thanks, Judy!)
Also attached is a press release which you could send out to any contacts you may have. It is a draft, but should serve, I think…. Please let me and also (more importantly) Kristina and Judy know if you do share it with press contacts.
Don’t forget that the City Bach Collective are specialists, and therefore our orchestra for this concert should be a serious draw (as well as ourselves, naturally!!) – and we have some gorgeous soloists. It will be beautiful, and just Beyond Christmassy, what with all the lights of Covent Garden.  A perfect way for people to wrap up a day of shopping!
See you tomorrow.
And Chamber Choir – a reminder (so it’s all in one place) about Chorus 45, which Scott would like us to sing, and in English – it’s the first thing we’ll do tomorrow, at 7pm.

BACH – Christmas Oratorio rehearsals and concert

Chamber choir rehearses at 7pm ( a couple of choruses)
Break and tea 7:45 (important biscuit action)
Main choir 8:00 (all chorales)

Pub – the Highbury Tavern – at 10:00 for whoever wants to go.

16th December 2017 at St Paul’s Covent Garden
(rehearsal from 3:30, doors 6:30, concert 7:30, finish 10:00)
“Blingy black” clothes (see relevant page on this site), no black folders

[this will be added to… stay tuned!]

German pronunciation guide

Posted on behalf of Inga

Dear EVers,
I have created a German Pronunciation Guide to help with the German pronunciation for the Christmas Oratorio.
You can – of course – speak to me in rehearsals as well if in doubt about the pronunciation of any of the words.
German Pronunciation Guide – A compilation of the most common sounds
ei pronounced ai as in guy, my, thigh
,….German examples in the Christmas Oratorio, 5. Choral: meiner, bei, sei
ie pronounced ee as in bee, knee, fee
….German examples in the Christmas Oratorio Choral 5: wie, die; 9. Choral: liebes
eu pronounced oi as in boy, toy, toilet
….German examples in the Christmas Oratorio, 12. Choral: Freude
au pronounced ou/ow as in pronounce, sour, ouch, cow, now
….German examples in the Christmas Oratorio, 17. Choral: schaut
e comes in two different forms:
short e pronounced as in get, let, bed
…..German examples in the Christmas Oratorio, 12. Choral: tagen, unser
long e doesn’t exist in English
….German examples in the Christmas Oratorio, 5. Choral: Jesu, Seelen
z pronounced ts as in cats, rats, lots
…..German examples in the Christmas Oratorio, 5. Choral: Zier, setze
ß pronounced ‘s’ as in such, seat, self
….German examples in the Christmas Oratorio, 33. Choral: Fleiß
ch has got two main sounds which are nicely explained on this website (with sound examples):
 The pronunciation of “ch” changes depending on the preceding letter or, if it appears at the beginning of a word, on the following letter or other circumstances
—after “i,” “e,” “ä,” “ü,” “ö,” “ei,” “ai,” “eu,” and “äu” (called the “light vowels” in German), “ch” (as it appears in ich—”I”) is pronounced like a very soft English “sh.” It’s the “angry kitten” noise previously mentioned.  Germans will understand you if you pronounce it like “sh”—they will simply assume you learned your German in the Rhineland.
…..German examples in the Christmas Oratorio 5. Chorus: ich, dich; 33. Chorus: endlich
—after “a,” “o,” “u,” and “au” (called the “dark vowels” in German), “ch” (as it appears in Bach— meaning both “brook” and the guy with the wig) is pronounced like the “ch” in Scottish loch.
…..German examples in the Christmas Oratorio, 17. Choral: sucht
ä (long)  – “ay” as in “say” with spread lips. eg nächste (naiH-ste) = next
ä (short) – ê, or clipped “e”, as in ‘bet’.  eg fällen (fêl-en) = to fell [a tree]
ö – ‘er’ as in her without the “h” & “r” sounds!   eg  schön (‘shern’ without pronouncing the ‘r’) = pretty
ü   – ‘ue’ as in lure (“ooh” with pursed lips).  eg  Tür (tuer) = door
…..German examples in the Christmas Oratorio, 5. Choral: ergötze; 17. Choral: überall, 53. Choral: dünken


Posted on behalf of Richard

Hello EVeryone,


New Years’ Eve is a Sunday this year and we have been invited to Pentonville Prison to sing with the inmates at their Sunday morning service. More details to follow along with a call for volunteers. But put it in your diary now – generally it involves arriving at the prison early in the morning and we get out about 12.00.

Lookout for a proper ‘call for volunteers’ email to follow soon!

For those of you that have been to Pentonville before, I have some news. Rev. Rock Sturt, the Anglican minister who has been our principal contact and friend within the Prison, is leaving the prison chaplaincy. In March next year he will take up a post as vicar of St Jude’s and St Paul’s Church Mildmay (on the corner of Mildmay Grove North and King Henry’s walk). I’m sure you will agree that he had a remarkable manner with the men in his congregation and he’ll be missed – though we’re glad to see he’s remaining local. I have indicated that we’d be keen to maintain our ongoing relationship with the Prison when his successor arrives in post.

See you tomorrow night!


(Bass and Outreach coordinator)

New Schedule for 2017-18

Posted on behalf of Mel

Hello everyone

Please see attached an updated schedule.  There are some changes compared with the previous version, largely to accommodate the trip to La  Coruña in April.

EV Schedule update 11 Nov 2017

Text in red is still to be confirmed.

A few points to note:

  • Monday rehearsal on 4th December at the AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL CHURCH.
    It’s possible that Scott will want all of us together for this night rather than splitting the chamber choir.
  • 7 pm start for All on Thursday 14th (with the Orchestra).
  • Voice tutorials will be on Mondays 8th and 15th January
  • Awayday on Saturday 20th January
  • La Coruña rehearsals will start in April (5th and 9th)
  • La Coruña choir HOLIDAY 13th -16th  April.
    There may be a Sunday evening concert, Scott will confirm so that we can book our travel.
  • The season will conclude with a Love Eclectic on 28th June.

Any questions, please shout.  #




Bernstein Concert – Recordings

Hi all

I enclose recordings of the Bernstein concert last week. Many thanks to Tim for setting up the recorder at the event.

Serenade to Music:

Scott’s introduction:

Brahm’s Lieberslieder Waltzes

Chichester Psalms:

Harp solo by Hugh Webb:

Excerpt from Ceremony of Carols:

Rousseau Words:

All the World’s a Stage:

West Side Story:




Practice Tracks for October concert

Posted on behalf of Scott

Hi EVers,

Attached are practice tracks for Rousseau Words and All the World’s a Stage.
Note the change of rhythm in bar 13 of Rousseau Words as altered at rehearsal last Thursday. Also note: tenors and basses, bars 23-24 should be one octave lower. A new corrected copy is attached for reference.
In All the World’s a Stage, tenors and basses note the change of rhythm to triplets in bar 10, as corrected in rehearsal (this is the way we sang it in As You Like It).  Also bar 11 should be “one” man in his time….. Bar 83 should be “childishness”, sung as 4 semiquavers on beat 3.  A new corrected copy is attached for reference.
This should help us all get on top of them from Thursday.
Thanks for your hard work and great musicianship!

ACTION Notes: this sort.

Posted on behalf of Liz – 14 October

Dear lovely singers,

Thanks to everyone who has been working on their music ready for our Celebrating Bernstein concert in a fortnight’s time. When we focus on really ‘making music’ (i.e. being musical and delivering a performance), we are magnificent! 🎼💖
Obviously, where we’re uncertain of our notes, we are lacklustre at best…. and that is surely not how we roll.🐲 Non, mes amis! Not us. So, make like a tin can and Puh-Leease make sure you know all your actual notes (+ rhythms, + entries) by next Thursday’s rehearsal.
🎶Here’s your checklist:
  • Chichester Psalms
  • West Side Story
  • Serenade to Music
  • Liebeslieder Waltzes
  • All the World’s a Stage  & Rousseau’s Words

[NB no third Stroman song]

It’s all gorgeous and we should relish it!!!
And after that we will be able to use Monday 23rd and Thursday 26th to finesse our delivery, so that we can have a great time on Saturday 28th.
Are your mates coming? Do they love music? Is “Maria” the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard? Call them hither – we need a crowd!
And don’t forget to strew flyers liberally about the town – especially as the reverse side carries details of our whole upcoming season.
Thank you.
Liz x


Posted on behalf of Rosemary, 12/9/17

Hello everyone

Looking forward to the start of rehearsals on 28th September and catching up with you all. I hope you’ve all had a really enjoyable summer. I am away at the moment but just wanted to remind you all that subs have gone up to £300 a year or £150 if you pay the concession rate. I know many of you have standing orders in place so please remember to change these to £100 or £50 a term whichever is appropriate. I will collect any cash or cheque payments on 28th.

Just about to set sail from Lefkas! See you all on 28th.